Once a work is created, it automatically enjoys copyright and is protected by law. Copyright is protected not only by the laws of the country where it is created, but also by the laws of the contracting states of the international copyright convention of which the country is a party. Additionally, copyright owners can gain profits through the assignment or licensing of the copyright.


  • Literary Works

  • Art Works

  • Film and TV Works

  • Artistic Works

  • Oral Works

  • Photograph Works

  • Software Works

  • Engineering Works


  • To provide evidence for disputes,especially to prevent from copying your listings and malicious complaints on e-commerce platform

  • To be performed in the public, oral broadcast, showed, spread, adapted, remade or translated into other languages, and resulting economic benefits

  • To create economic value as technology investment

  • To gain profits through authorization or assignment

Comparison of Copyrights in China and USA


 China Copyright


 USA Copyright


 Term of Validity


 Individual: the whole life of the author and 50 years   after his/her death

 Employed/Commissioned: 50 years after the

 first disclosure


 Individual: the whole life of the author and 70 years   after his/her death

 Employed/Commissioned: 95 years after the

 first disclosure or 120 years after the creation




 China Copyright Administration


 USA Copyright Administration